Let’s All Go to the Topsfield Fair

By Laurie Grant

Have you heard the joke about the 9 month pregnant lady, pre-schooler, and tired husband who went to the fair?  No? I'm not surprised.  Our trip to the fair wasn't very funny, but it was fun and as always an adventure. The idea to go to the Topsfield Fair was spontaneous and not very planned out... Read More

Very Pregnant Halloween Costumes

By Laurie Grant

What's a pregnant gal to do in Salem on Halloween?  Dress up of course! I finally found something to be excited about and look forward too as I approach my 9th month.  The protruding belly can be used as a prop.  Adding to my costume and appeal as I waddle around Salem, MA.  I might even have... Read More

Simple Thanksgiving Decorations

By Anastasia B

Thanksgiving is perhaps my most favorite holiday. The primary reason is because it hasn’t been completely ruined by consumerism, for the most part it still holds its true meaning. If you set aside the indulgent, over-eating part! When I think of Thanksgiving - simplicity comes to mind. A refer... Read More

Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

By Anastasia B

I love the smell of pumpkins cooking or baking in the fall, especially if that’s coming from my kitchen! I am not the biggest fan of standing in front of the stove for too long, but pancakes are worth it (especially when I have strawberries to top them off as above). Usually it is a weekend tr... Read More

Celebrate Fall at Drumlin Farm

By Anastasia B

  There is nothing quite like picking your own veggies and fruits at a local farm in the fall! There is a local favorite west of Boston at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, Massachuse... Read More