Very Pregnant Halloween Costumes

By Laurie Grant

What's a pregnant gal to do in Salem on Halloween?  Dress up of course! I finally found something to be excited about and look forward too as I approach my 9th month.  The protruding belly can be used as a prop.  Adding to my costume and appeal as I waddle around Salem, MA.  I might even have... Read More

Early Pregnancy Checklist

By Anastasia B

If this is your first time being pregnant, chances are you’re not quite sure where to start. There are a few important things to take care of in early pregnancy. From revisiting your diet that directly affects the fetus, to finding the care that’s right for you. Here are some things you shou... Read More

Meet our Newest Addition!

By Anastasia B

If you guessed ‘boy’, you were right! I think at least fifteen people told me that.  It is a boy, meet little Timmy, born November 17th at 5:59 am. Weighing 7 pounds and 7 ounces, 19.5 inches long.I am so excited to be a mom of two! Even with little to no sleep. The past two weeks have been ... Read More

Reasons to be Thankful

By Anastasia B

What are you thankful for? Perhaps you’re in a time in your life when it is hard to feel thankful. Jobs lost, relationships fallen apart, finances unpredictable. You may have a lot more than you realize though. It’s easy to focus on yourself and your problems without giving any thought to th... Read More

Have a Diet Soda to Increase Chances of Preterm Labor

By Anastasia B

I do not think any pregnant woman seriously wishes to go into labor early. I am seven months pregnant and this belly makes me want to give birth any day now, it seems like too much to carry! Of course not in reality. The troubling thing is that preterm labor has become so common. While nobody ca... Read More

Third Trimester: Glucose Test Alternatives

By Anastasia B

Of all things odd and wrong about the medical establishment today, this one’s really hard for me to understand! Most women who have kids and who I know are pregnant absolutely hate the glucose test for gestational diabetes because of the flat, colored soda drink you have to gulp down. What is it... Read More

Preparing a Toddler for a Newborn

By Anastasia B

When awaiting the arrival of a second (or third, or fourth) baby, I think one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is not preparing the kids for the coming addition. Especially important with unpredictable toddlers whose world can be thrown off axis by anything not on their usual schedule. ... Read More

6 Months Pregnant: Cravings

By Anastasia B

During my first and second trimester all I wanted was lots of blueberries. Apples, green salads, and no meat. I just rolled over into the third trimester of my second pregnancy and my cravings are oh so different! I just wish that my desire to actively fulfill these cravings coincided with me wa... Read More

GMOs: Miscarriage, Infertility, Preterm Labor, and Birth Defects

By Anastasia B

It seems that all of us know at least one woman who struggles with infertility. I know more than one who has had a miscarriage. I know babies with birth defects. Once a rare occurrence these things are now considered normal, though just as unwelcome. Although there is generally never just one re... Read More