Moving with Kids

By cabesh

  Have you ever moved? I'm talking about a major move, one that takes you at least to a new state, if not a whole new region of the U.S. or new a country. We have twice. Our first move ca... Read More

Hobo Railroad

By cabesh

There are so many great things about fall in New England. Of course the foliage is simply amazing, but taking a train to see it? Even better! If you've got small kids, I recommend riding the ... Read More

Boston Freedom Trail

By cabesh

  When we have company come into town we always plan to take them on the Boston Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail starts at the Bunker Hill Monument and ends in Boston Common. One of the... Read More

Horseback Riding Lesson at Taylor River Farm

By cabesh

When I was in third grade I was gifted a horse by my parents (perk of growing up on a ranch) and was suddenly and completely infatuated with all things horse. I read horse books, hung horse posters on ... Read More

Great Books for Young Readers

By cabesh

Reading is a popular pastime at our house. My husband and I spend a lot of our leisure time reading. Right now our oldest, Goosey, is especially fond of reading. Shortly before second grade start... Read More