Ski School at McIntyre Ski Area

By cabesh

One of the coolest things about Manchester, NH is the ski area in the middle of the city.  Yes, smack in the middle of the largest city in the state. McIntyre Ski Area make... Read More

Bradley Palmer State Park- Wading Pool

By Laurie Grant

One of my family's favorite places to beat the heat in the summer is Bradley Palmer State Park.  The park offers you over 721 acres of trails, meadows, wild life and a water park.  Yes, you read that right.  A little known secret about this beautiful state park located in Topsfield, MA is that th... Read More

Experiencing New England

By cabesh

Friends, it turns out we're leaving New England. My husband got a great job offer that will require us to relocate. We have to be in our new city in a month. A MONTH!  So much... Read More

Manchester Fun in the Sun

By cabesh

The City of Manchester, NH  provides a free summer day camp, Fun in the Sun, for children ages 6-12. The children must be residents and must be 6 years old by the registration date of July 5... Read More