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Sweet and Tasty Pumpkin Pie Dip

By Laurie Grant

I am making this Pumpkin Pie Dip for a Halloween Party this weekend and wanted to share.    It is way easier than it looks and OH so tasty.  I made this dish last year and had friends who literally stood by the bowl and dipped their cookies for most of the night (you know who you are!!!).   The... Read More

Very Pregnant Halloween Costumes

By Laurie Grant

What's a pregnant gal to do in Salem on Halloween?  Dress up of course! I finally found something to be excited about and look forward too as I approach my 9th month.  The protruding belly can be used as a prop.  Adding to my costume and appeal as I waddle around Salem, MA.  I might even have... Read More

Hobo Railroad

By cabesh

There are so many great things about fall in New England. Of course the foliage is simply amazing, but taking a train to see it? Even better! If you've got small kids, I recommend riding the ... Read More

Surviving vacation after the holiday

By Christina Rosalie

There is golden light this morning and a dozen blue jays, plumage ruffled, in the lilac out the window. The walls are striped with shadows from the window panes, the trees outside, the angles of furniture illumined by the morning sun. I watch the way heat dances; sunlight revealing the shadows ... Read More

Things that help maintain work-kid-life balance

By Christina Rosalie

When I started my MFA program in Emergent Media, it was late summer; the light was still long and the leaves green. There was time when I got home from even the longest day of classes (Wednesdays = 6 hours of back to back class) to go for a run outdoors before dinner and unwind. Now it’s a... Read More

Grad Mama Chronicles: An Introduction

By Christina Rosalie

Some of you know that I started a full time MFA program this fall, in addition to working on my book, and being a mama to two little guys. It’s been adventure, to say the least, and I’m hoping to share a little bit about that adventure here every week. The backstory is this: Before I dec... Read More

How to take a walk

By Christina Rosalie

Take a deep breath. Stop whatever you are doing, even if you think it cannot wait. Even if there is a deadline attached to it, and maybe especially then. Close out facebook, email, twitter. Close your computer. Close your eyes and take another breath and look to the window where the miraculous sky m... Read More