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Telecommuting Dad

By cabesh

My husband has been working from home for the last six years. When people find out about this they have lots of questions. How did he land that job? Does he have an office space? How does he wor... Read More

Splashpad in Derry, New Hampshire

By cabesh

Splashpads are all the rage in certain parts of the country, but they’re uncommon here in northern New England. I was ecstatic a couple of years ago when I discovered the Splashpad ... Read More

The Boredom Bag

By cabesh

School has been out for two weeks and I’m starting to hear the occasional, “There’s nothing to do!” My immediate suggestion is reading a book, quickly followed by playing Legos.  When both ... Read More

Manchester Fun in the Sun

By cabesh

The City of Manchester, NH  provides a free summer day camp, Fun in the Sun, for children ages 6-12. The children must be residents and must be 6 years old by the registration date of July 5... Read More

Boston Museum of Science

By cabesh

We first discovered the Boston Museum of Science three years ago during Spring Break. We loved it so much that we bought a membership and continue to renew it. The Museum of Science is huge!... Read More

Horseback Riding Lesson at Taylor River Farm

By cabesh

When I was in third grade I was gifted a horse by my parents (perk of growing up on a ranch) and was suddenly and completely infatuated with all things horse. I read horse books, hung horse posters on ... Read More

Advice to my Daughter on Bullying

By cabesh

  A few weeks ago Goosey came home and told us that she’d been having problems with a boy at school. Over the past few months he had been kicking her, but in the lunch line that day he started punching her in the arm, rather hard. We questioned a little further, and she said that she as... Read More

Early Pregnancy Checklist

By Anastasia B

If this is your first time being pregnant, chances are you’re not quite sure where to start. There are a few important things to take care of in early pregnancy. From revisiting your diet that directly affects the fetus, to finding the care that’s right for you. Here are some things you shou... Read More

Great Books for Young Readers

By cabesh

Reading is a popular pastime at our house. My husband and I spend a lot of our leisure time reading. Right now our oldest, Goosey, is especially fond of reading. Shortly before second grade start... Read More

What to Look for in Swimming Lessons

By cabesh

Our New England weather is no indicator this week, but summer is rapidly approaching. I’m starting to make plans for activities and adventures to fill our long, hot days. Swimming le... Read More