I live north of Boston, with my husband, two son's and dog (who is more like a child than a dog). We love to make the most out of each and every day and could easily be described as a family on the go. By day I am a social worker who works with older adults. By night I write and blog at The Family That Laughs Together I try my best to parent mindfully, learn from the moments and enjoy the ride.

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Wild in Peabody – Home Gardening in Massachusetts

If you happen to be in Peabody and want to see a sight that is truly wild and free stop by our WILD vegetable garden.  It is an attraction not to be missed.  There is no admission fee, at this time, although we might ask you to pull a few weeds.

Holy Jungle

I am not sure what happened this year- we started out with the very best of intentions.  I know I had visions of spending time out there rake in hand and making it the best darn looking garden of them all.  The past few years my generous Father in Law did most of the work, leaving us with the reward of a garden full of vegetables and looking good- there use to be paths.  This year for some reason my husband and I decided we would take over ownership of our garden.  We planted and hoed the land..all set we thought, that was easy. I guess we sort of forgot that we would need to spend time out there tending to our crops.

So what happened? Life happened.

The weekends filled up with fun out of town plans, trips to the beach and time with family and friends.  Summer happened and we embraced it in every way except pulling weeds and carefully tying up tomato plants.

Still to our amazement our garden grows and produces vegetables …. Garlic, cucumbers, a few tomatoes so far, peppers and squash.  We also have pumpkins  that might *we hope* spring up in time for the birth of our son.  I even remember to water them every now and then.

A garden without paths is actually kind of cool if you are three.  Tommy likes to spend time walking around the plants that he refers as the jungle.  My Father in Law hasn’t said too much about our wild garden although there is a joke going around that we are growing dandelions this year.  To that I say, They’re edible I believe.

Could it be better- oh yes it could.  Should we spend more time out there weeding and watering, maybe.  Somehow though our garden still grows this year and that’s good enough for me.

How does your garden grow?   Did you try anything different this year?



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  1. Danny 08/22/2012 at 10:52 am

    We’ve had great luck with tomatoes and pumpkins this year – our biggest problem is apparently we are having an epidemic of powdery mildew on our pumpkins which is causing problems! Not sure what we can do about that. Totally agree that gardening is great for kids – they love watering and digging. Plus, it seems like the veggies from our garden are much more likely to get eaten then the ones from the store. Love your articles!