I live north of Boston, with my husband, two son's and dog (who is more like a child than a dog). We love to make the most out of each and every day and could easily be described as a family on the go. By day I am a social worker who works with older adults. By night I write and blog at The Family That Laughs Together I try my best to parent mindfully, learn from the moments and enjoy the ride.

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What’s My Name Fool?

Are you happy with your name?  Do you think it fits your personality?  Would you change it or have you changed it?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about names, namely because I am about to name someone in a few short months.   It is a lot of responsibility and a very personal decision that each parent has to make.

I remember when we were contemplating a name for our son Tommy I had the same thought- how will we ever decide.  Then like it was meant to be one day it just clicked and we both said at the same time, his name is Tommy.  Ok I’m just kidding it wasn’t that easy at all.

First we looked up names, asked our parents, crossed off names that rhymed with bad words, and then created a list of possibilities.  It is true that one day we did both agree that we liked Tommy and decided that it must be meant to be, we did walk down the aisle to Living on a PrayerTommy use to work on the dock…. Thanks Bon Jovi.

Now our other child, Skyfox, was already named when he came into our lives.  When I signed the adoption papers I thought that Skyfox was a ridiculous name and planned on changing it right away. We never changed his name, after spending time with him the name grew on us and we realized that his name fit his spunky fox man personality perfectly.

Skyfox is my name

Some religions and family traditions make it a little bit easier by narrowing down the search a bit for the parents.   I am told that some folks choose to name their children using a letter from a deceased relative.  Others add on a II or III or IV to the end of a family name and call it a day.  Still others might move a maiden name to the middle or first name of the child.  All interesting ideas, but that’s not going to work for our family.

Another thing adding to the difficulty of naming our child is the fact that we have met quite a few people at this point in our lives.  Even if you love your ex-boyfriends name you certainly are not going to name your child after him, that’s just weird.   And what about that guy who you suspect took your lunch out of the fridge last week at work, yep that name’s off the list.  Another contention is friends and family beating you to the punch…  I want to make sure our son has something that is all his own, but a lot of the good ones are taken already.

The countdown begins just three more months to contemplate and think about your name baby Grant.  I hope you like it, it fits you, and you don’t change it to a symbol someday.




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