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Traveling by Train

Coastal Connecticut from the train.

My husband takes the train from Boston to Manhattan frequently, but I had never done so until last week. When I was making my travel plans for BlogHer 12 I looked at the cost and convenience of traveling by  train and decided that they outweighed the quickness of flying.  So, I booked AmTrak!

My roundtrip train ticket, booked at times most convenient to me, was only $150. Had I been willing to leave at 6am, I could’ve shaved another $50 off the ticket price. The  ticket price includes two pieces of luggage, limited to 50 lbs each.  But, honestly, no one checked my baggage, so I could’ve taken more on and I promise that my one of my suitcases weighed well over 50 lbs. on the way home.  I loved not paying baggage fees! And, no one cared how many liquids I had in my bags.

It was also awesome to be able to show up a few minutes before the train left and not have to worry about checking bags, waiting in security lines, or having the runway door close on me several minutes before the flight left. With the train you can run through the doors just minutes before the train leaves.

My absolute favorite thing about the train was the riding experience itself. The seats are big and cushy, with no seat belts. There are huge windows that allow you to watch the passing countryside as you roll along. If the train is “sold out” you might have a seat mate, but odds are they’ll only be there for part of the time because you make multiple stops and passengers are constantly getting on and off. But, by far the best perk is the wireless internet. The train is equipped not only with wi-fi, but it also has outlets in each row so you can power up your laptop, tablet or phone. That’s right, you can use your phone too!

To top if all off, the train stops at Penn Station in Manhattan, so you’re already in the city! No taking a shuttle or taxi in from the airport. I love that! When we decide it’s time to take our kids to New York we’ll definitely be riding the train.  It’s so convenient and family friendly.


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