An Interior Designer by trade and now a work at home mom, Anastasia stays busy with one free-spirited three year old girl, a little boy born November 2011, and one sweetheart husband. She loves photography, art, culinary experiments in her kitchen, being outdoors, and dancing to Russian folk music with her daughter while nobody is watching. Anastasia enjoys sharing her passion for family oriented, healthy and frugal green living. You can take a peek at her not-so-ordinary parenting at Eco-Babyz.

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Handmade Valentine Gifts

Hands in the form of a heart

I love giving handmade gifts, but the last time that happened was probably ten years ago, but you know what? You can give Handmade Valentine’s Gifts without doing all the work! Harness the power of Etsy and the fabulous creators that dwell there. They have more time for handmade endeavors than you do. Keep in mind it isn’t too early to shop, some items are made to order. Here are some of our favorite picks for kids (6), for ‘him’ (5), and for anyone (4)!


Do you have any favorites that we didn’t catch? Please do share! If you have some time on your hands be sure to also check out Valentine’s Day Crafts.

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