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{DIY} Fall Wreath

Handmade fall wreath
I am a very crafty girl by nature, but ever since having a baby I haven’t done much with my own two hands. The last thing I made was a nursing cover before baby E was born. Three years ago. Sure we finger paint a little together, we made our own play dough, but overall it’s hard for me to get creative when the to do list is getting longer every day.I didn’t want this fall to pass by without making something fun with my toddler. Our blank, stark white front door has been staring at me and I thought it would be great to decorate it with all the fall colors. So my toddler and I went outside gathering pine cones, acorns, leaves, and berries. That alone was so much fun for her! It was all free, no expenses. For the wreath base we used a sturdy paper plate (recycled paper), a ribbon I had laying around, and my husband’s wood glue. Didn’t spend a penny! It turned out rather petite, but it looks great on our not-so-huge door/house. Of course you can make it as big as you want, you can go all out and buy a wreath form at a craft store. Here is how we made ours:

1. Gather Materials: All we needed was the stuff we gathered outdoors, scissors, paper plate, glue, ribbon, and some thread.

2. Cut out the middle of the plate, attach ribbon. Start with pine cones. We had wood glue that takes a while to dry, so we had to tie the pine cones on in order for the glue to cure for 24 hours. We then left the thread there just for extra security since the pine cones are pretty heavy and touch the plate in only a few spots. Don’t pick up the plate, work on a flat surface so nothing falls off before it is dry!

3. Work your way around the plate gluing on leaves. At the end glue on acorns where desired. Make sure you continuously press everything firmly so it glues securely. Let dry overnight.

4. Hang on your door and listen to your toddler exclaim in excitement! “Mommy, that’s so pretty!”

Handmade fall wreath
The whole project took about two hours – one hour for gathering materials and one hour to make it. Older kids can definitely make these themselves, my toddler preferred to watch and make ponytails on my head while I was making the wreath. Hey, at least it kept her busy! I got my much needed moments of peace (minus the hair pulling)!

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  1. Amy Allen Johnson 10/17/2011 at 11:59 pm

    Great 4 year old will need a project this week. Thanks for sharing!